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    A Disposition To Preserve, An Ability To Improve

    April 2017

    A recent LASSCO supplied restoration of a C17th townhouse in the West End of London demonstrates that integrity of materials combined with an eye to improvement are the key ingredients in the enhancement and restoration of ancient buildings. Much like a piece of antique furniture, once wooden floors reach a certain age they all have an inherent […]

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    Take Back Control

    March 2017

    LASSCO’s in house carpenter creates one-off items of furniture combining integrity of materials with admirable utility. We encourage our customers to ponder what they can do themselves with our wealth of salvaged materials. With so much remarkable and historical salvage dispersed across our three sites, we at LASSCO are often sorely tempted to take up and […]

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    Order Online with Delivery

    February 2017
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    At last, at long last, LASSCO its hauling itself into the digital age with a wide selection of online sales on offer.  You can now buy online After many years spent diligently and stubbornly scorning the advance of technology LASSCO has finally conceded that the internet may be here to stay. In view of this […]

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    What the photographer saw at Brunswick House

    February 2017

    The events team at Brunswick House regularly encounter delighted photographers who are wowed by such an interesting venue. Of course the photography is vital, enabling you to remember your wedding day forever. Read some rapturous reviews here: “Brunswick House has to be one of the BEST wedding venues I have photographed this year, such a unique […]

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    “No contentment without the beautiful”

    February 2017
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    LASSCO has acquired a gross of Afghan saddle bag Soumaks and Kilim textiles and now invites our customers to put them to creative and decorative use. In Your Garden “Each of the flowers in your garden is brighter than a lamp; In your garden a black crow becomes like a phoenix for me. For Rahman […]

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    High Industrial Swagger On The Factory Floor.

    November 2016

    LASSCO has come into posession of a large quantity of reclaimed Victorian maple strip flooring from the Ogden’s tobacco factory in Liverpool. Ogden’s Imperial tobacco factory was constructed in Liverpool on its Boundary Lane site in 1899 by the Architect Henry Hartley in a heterogeneous and pleasingly indiscriminate ‘Queen Anne style’. It was a statement […]

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    Trafalgar Day

    October 2016
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    Today LASSCO commemorates Trafalgar Day. 211 years ago today the His Majesty’s Royal Navy encountered the combined Franco-Spanish fleet off a headland near Cadiz in a place known as Cape Trafalgar. In the heavy fighting that followed the Royal Navy, though outgunned and outnumbered, achieved a stunning and decisive victory that captured the waves for […]