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  • LASSCO Voucher

    LASSCO Gift card

    £25£3,000 Stock code: giftcard
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    LASSCO Gift card

    Redeemable online or at any of the LASSCO stores, our gift cards are the perfect present for anyone. The LASSCO Gift Card is emailed to the recipient on a day of your choosing and they will know its from you as soon as they receive it. Need a present delivered today? Just select the amount you want to send, complete your order and the rest is taken care of.
    Stock code: giftcard
  • Japanese rice bag blanket,-0

    Japanese rice bag blanket,

    £350 Stock code: t644
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    Japanese rice bag blanket,

    A large patchwork blanket with Nippon and Nis-shin flour branding hand printed on cotton. Boro translating as “scraps of cloth” in Japanese, Boro is a symbol of a “use everything and waste nothing” philosophy. It is a utilitarian material. Born from a period when Japan closed its ports to foreign goods, fabrics like cotton became extremely precious and rare. These materials were saved and repurposed from each generation to the next.
    Dimensions: 140cm (55") High, 205cm (80¾") Wide
    Stock code: t644

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  • Henri Matisse, 'The Last Works of Henri Matisse'

    Henri Matisse, ‘The Last Works of Henri Matisse’

    £900 each Stock code: P01059Z AZ
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    Henri Matisse, ‘The Last Works of Henri Matisse’

    From Verve Vol. IX No. 35/36 published by Tériade under the title 'The Last Works of Henri Matisse'
    Dimensions: 51cm (20") High, 40cm (15¾") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: P01059Z AZ
    £900 each
  • 18th Century French Engravings of Dogs

    £175 each Stock code: P01266 O
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    18th Century French Engravings of Dogs

    Published for, Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière (1749–1804), which was the first modern attempt to systematically present all existing knowledge in the fields of natural history, geology, and anthropology.
    Dimensions: 36cm (14¼") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 13cm (5") Deep
    Stock code: P01266 O
    £175 each