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    LASSCO Brunswick House in The Financial Times

    February 2016
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    ‘Brunswick House has somehow contrived to become one of London’s best-known and yet least explored houses. Everyone knows it; not many know quite what it is. ‘ An article in The Financial Times property section amazes at how London’s Brunswick House survived 350 years of change.  Follow this link: FT Brunswick House  

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    LASSCO in Reclaim Magazine,

    January 2016

    Read about LASSCO’s hidden gems in the newly launched Reclaim magazine.  Adrian Amos reveals all to Jane Common as she immerses herself in salvage heaven at LASSCO Ropewalk & LASSCO Brunswick House. Illustrated with Tim Kent’s photos the 10-page article delves into the history and captures the pioneering spirit of the business that Adrian founded […]

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    Brunswick House Restaurant Review in The Evening Standard

    January 2016
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    ‘Like a treasure hunt with clues or a tapestry with tight intricate stitches, the menu is woven together in a way that is enticing and also practical’, says Fay Maschler of The Evening Standard.  The Brunswick House restaurant is also described as one of the renowned reviewer’s favourite places to eat…praise indeed!   Enjoy private […]

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    Salvaged Delft Tiles

    December 2015

    At LASSCO Three Pigeons we’re just unpacking hundreds of beautiful Dutch tiles. Most of these boxes have been quietly stacked, forgotten, at the back of a warehouse in Northamptonshire since the 1930’s. We have acquired a wonderful cross-section of the stock. Many of the designs are by L.E.F. Bodart who was a celebrated ceramicist working for De Porceleyne […]

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    Hidden History: Riding House Street

    December 2015

    Charles Bell House, 67-73 Riding House Street. Like many otherwise obscure buildings in the heart of London, the building now known as Charles Bell House has a long pre-history and an anadromatic consistency of cultural significance.    Named after the Professor of Physiology who gave UCL’s inaugural lecture in 1828 it now houses a number […]

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    LASSCO in the Press,

    November 2015

    Some recent press, including quotes by Ferrous Auger from LASSCO Brunswick House in Vauxhall. Featured: Ruth Caven’s article ‘Elevator Gates’ in the FT’s ‘How to Spend It’,  Bethan John’s pick of Clocks and Maggie Stevenson’s’ 7 Steps to Picking the Perfect Fireplace’  in Homes & Antiques.   Also an earlier piece, written and styled by  Ruth Sleightholme for House & Garden using reclaimed timbers from our Bermondsey shop, LASSCO Ropewalk for both flooring […]

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    Two by two: hurrah!

    October 2015

    Getting a horse onto a ship, or off it, is more of a challenge than you might think. They don’t do steep gangplanks. In the days before roll-on, roll-off ferries, hydraulic platforms and containers, everything went over the gunwales – and most of it by crane, lowered vertically into the hold. The forest of cranes that lined […]