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A set of four Javanese 'wayang kulit' puppets

£485 the set

Archived Stock - This item is no longer available

A set of four Javanese ‘wayang kulit’ puppets



the stylised figure carved from wood with buffalo parchment limbs, the joints connected with string allowing them to swivel, painted all over with colourful ornament and traditional dress, with macassar ebony rods,


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The 'Klitik' is the most rare of the three popular 'Wayang' (puppets), the others being 'Kulit' (flat shadow puppets) and 'golek' (the three dimensional puppets). From Java, they are one of the most highly developed and oldest traditions of storytelling in the world. It is considered to be a highlight of Javanese culture. 'Wayang' is a Javanese word meaning "shadow" or "ghost" and is a performance of the carved puppets.

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