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W. L Wylie R. A., Sugar boats Greenwich Reach,

early twentieth century,

W. L Wylie R. A., Sugar boats Greenwich Reach,

early twentieth century,

An original dry-point engraving by British marine artist, painter etcher and illustrator W. L. Wyllie (1851-1931).

Signed in pencil by the artist

"A view of Greenwich from the Isle of Dogs (i.e. the north-west) with figures, probably local boys, swimming off the beach in the foreground around a small lighter. The Royal Naval College is to the left and the Royal Observatory high in the background above the Park and the riverside town centre of Greenwich proper. In the centre cargo ships are unloading sugar into lighters alongside, in the deep-water mooring tier between Greenwich and Deptford. The atmosphere beyond over the shoreline is one of industrial haze through which a Thames barge, chimneys and a crane can be seen. Astern of the ships small steamers cluster off Greenwich Pier."

National Maritime Museum listing.


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Dimensions: 29.5cm (11½") High, 47.8cm (18¾") Wide, 1.7cm (0¾") Deep
Stock code: AD1536 B

“W. L. Wyllie (1851-1931) was a British Marine artist. Born in London, Wyllie painted, drew, and etched Thames scenes throughout his life. He moved to Portsmouth in 1907, where he continued working, supported the restoration of the Victory and painted the Trafalgar Panorama. Early in his career Wyllie was an illustrator for The Graphic, and he became a member of the Royal Academy in 1907.”

– National Maritime Museum