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'A Young Poodle, but not one of the Sagacious Breed'

Copper-engraved print published c1827

‘A Young Poodle, but not one of the Sagacious Breed’

Copper-engraved print published c1827

Caricaturist, presumably of Irish background, but undocumented. Responsible for a small number of plates in a distinctive hand. Unclear whether he etched them all or only designed them. Never a publisher. Worked for P.Roberts and J.Aitken. Many unsigned prints by both men may well be by him.


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Dimensions: 41cm (16¼") High, 29cm (11½") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
Stock code: P01296
Provocative print of a smoking young man, crop in hand with his handkerchief hanging from his right pocket. Published by Fores’ of Piccadilly 1827. Copper-engraving by Henry Heath with hand-colour, presented in a Hogarth pattern frame.