An English copper domed Bell Tower

Removed from the former stable block at Osney Grange

This item is no longer available

the octagonal section bell-shaped dome above timber arcade and planked base, the wrought-iron weather-vane with pierced copper flag, the bronze bell lacking clapper,

Dimensions: 445cm (175¼") High, 175cm (69") Wide, Height given excludes the weathervane which adds another 8'

Osney Grange is a Victorian Country House originally built by the Ely family of shot-gun cartridge fame. Later it passed to the Penrose family and was the childhood home of Sir Roland Penrose (1900-1984) the celebrated Surrealist painter. Later, towards the end of the twentieth century, the stable block and mews buildings were largely demolished to make way for a housing development on the site. Both the bell tower and a subsidiary dome were put to one side in the gardens of the main house. LASSCO acquired them prior to a recent sale of the property.

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