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  • Watercolour of South Kensington Station

    £650 Stock code: AD1511
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    Watercolour of South Kensington Station

    Framed watercolour of South Kensington underground station, painted in the mid 1920's. Captured from a window of No.1 Old Brompton Road, the viewer is shown the view looking east over the station roof and down Pelham Street towards Brompton Cross. The scene shows a winter's day with passengers climbing aboard the upper deck of K-Type Omnibus.    
    Dimensions: 36.5cm (14¼") High, 47.5cm (18¾") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: AD1511
  • Cricket, Railways, and Agriculture,

    £250 Stock code: AD1562 12
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    Cricket, Railways, and Agriculture,

    A framed chromolithograph by Spy (Sir Leslie Ward) picturing Charles George Lyttleton, 8th Viscount Cobham, Liberal MP for East Worcestershire. A first class cricketer who played 35 first class matches in his life, he was elected President of the Marylebone Cricket Club in 1888. Cobham was also a member of the Tennis Committee of the MCC and was responsible for framing standardised rules for the new sport of lawn tennis. These unified Laws of Lawn Tennis were published on 29 May 1875.  
    Dimensions: 45cm (17¾") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: AD1562 12
  • A Muddy, a Sketch in Bond Street.

    £220 Stock code: A085
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    A Muddy, a Sketch in Bond Street.

    A hand coloured etching by Isaac Cruikshank. A landau coach, nicknamed a 'Muddy' bespattered with grime, halts in Bond street, as two ladies look out of the window to chat with two fashionably dressed gentlemen. The coach driver is protected by a curtained seat, and two tall liveried attendants stand at the rear, eyeing the exchange archly. Before the rise and triumphant progress of Napoleon Bonaparte sparked a patriotic reaction in Britain, the circle of caricaturists and cartoonists working in London took their aim at the perceived voluptuary tendencies of the fashionable establishment in London. The French Wars and the Revolution had led to a period of social and economic hardship in Britain which seemingly left only the wealthy and well-connected untouched. Here Isaac Cruikshank takes aim at the folly and vice of a self-indulgent set. Isaac Cruikshank was the son of a dispossessed Jacobite customs inspector. After leaving Edinburgh for London in 1783 he sustained a precarious existence as an artist and caricaturist and, along with James Gillray and Thomas Rowlandson, contributed to what has been called 'the golden age of British caricature'. Isaac Cruikshank died of alcohol poisoning after a winning a drinking contest one evening in 1811. Two of his sons Isaac Robert Cruikshank, and George Cruikshank carried on the family tradition into the middle of the 19th Century.
    Dimensions: 30.48cm (12") High, 43.18cm (17") Wide
    Stock code: A085
  • Automobile,

    £200 Stock code: AD1562 7
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    Framed chromolithograph by GUTH picturing Le Comte Albert De Dion, pioneer of the French motor industry and inventor of the steam powered car. He won the world's first official automobile race and went on to found De Dion & Bouton which was for a time the worlds largest manufacturer of automobiles. He was also instrumental in the early history of the French sports magazine L'Equipe and, through that connection, the Tour de France.
    Dimensions: 45cm (17¾") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: AD1562 7
  • Steam

    £175 Stock code: AD1562 14
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    A framed chromolithograph by SPY (Leslie Ward) depicting Frederic Abernethy Coleman, writer, journalist, military historian & motoring pioneer. He popularised the White Steam Car in England and was a fierce opponent of the 'petrol car brigade' preferring and championing steam powered motorcars. Steam powered cars had the ascendancy in early British motoring, particularly in hill-climbs until they were banned from competition by advocates of the petrol engine,
    Dimensions: 45cm (17¾") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: AD1562 14
  • Four in hand,

    £170 Stock code: AD1562 11
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    Four in hand,

    A framed chromolithograph by SPY (Sir Leslie Ward) picturing Adolph Wilhelm Reichmann, Baron of Prussia, Knight of the Iron Cross, German businessman and naturalised British subject he oversaw the banking house of Horstmann and Company. A keen carriage driver he was a member of many driving clubs including the Four In Hand and Carriage Clubs. His posterity became a subject of Parliamentary controversy as his sons left England to fight for the Kaiser in 1914 while his widow, the Baroness von Deichman, remained to steward his company which managed loans for prominent members of the German military and aristocracy.
    Dimensions: 45cm (17¾") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: AD1562 11

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  • 18th Century French Engravings of Dogs

    £175 each Stock code: P01266 O
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    18th Century French Engravings of Dogs

    Published for, Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière (1749–1804), which was the first modern attempt to systematically present all existing knowledge in the fields of natural history, geology, and anthropology.
    Dimensions: 36cm (14¼") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 13cm (5") Deep
    Stock code: P01266 O
    £175 each
  • Henri Matisse, 'The Last Works of Henri Matisse'

    Henri Matisse, ‘The Last Works of Henri Matisse’

    £900 each Stock code: P01059Z AZ
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    Henri Matisse, ‘The Last Works of Henri Matisse’

    From Verve Vol. IX No. 35/36 published by Tériade under the title 'The Last Works of Henri Matisse'
    Dimensions: 51cm (20") High, 40cm (15¾") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: P01059Z AZ
    £900 each