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A Good run of English Oak Wainscott Panelling,

English circa 1905,

Archived Stock - This item is no longer available

A Good run of English Oak Wainscott Panelling,

English circa 1905,

all the solid oak panels of repeat regular sized fielded panels are jointed and pegged. More photos are available upon request.

Height 14.5 cm, total run 21.33 metres,

Curtain Box:
Height 12 cm, depth 17 cm, length 268 cm.

Thumb Moulding:
Total run 13.7 metres.

Edge Moulding:
Total run 20.55 metres.

Panel A:
Height 238 cm x 209.5 cm wide

Panel B:
Height 238 cm x 159 cm wide

Panel C:
Height 238 cm x 30 cm wide

Panel D:
Height 226.5 cm x 31 cm wide

Panel E:
Height 226 cm x 97 cm wide

Panel F:
Height 226.5 cm x 97.5 cm wide

Panel G:
Height 226.5 cm x 98 cm wide

Panel H:
Height 228 cm x 148.5 cm wide

Panel I:
Height 228 cm x 167 cm wide

Panel J:
Height 226.5 cm x 170.5 cm wide, Door 190.5 cm x 70 cm

Panel K:
Height 237 cm x 79 cm wide

Panel L:
Height 232.5 cm x 69.5 cm wide

Panel M:
Height 232.5 cm x 63 cm wide

Panel N:
Height 232.5 cm x 72.5 cm wide

Panel O:
Height 202.5 cm x 23.5 cm wide

Panel P:
Height 202.5 cm x 24 cm wide

Panel Q:
Height 77.5 cm x 23.8 cm wide

Panel R, S, T:
Height 52 cm, 37.5 cm and 32 cm x 19 cm wide


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Dimensions: 1cm (0½") Wide
Stock code: BB099