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A pair of Georgian style nickel-plated door knobs,

A pair of Georgian style nickel-plated door knobs,

the bun-shaped grip with a circular rose, linked with a standard gauge spindle,

£55 per pair

In stock (can be backordered)

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Dimensions: 5cm (2") Wide, 5cm (2") Long, 5cm (2") in Diameter
Stock code: 91304

This smart Georgian design, was much used well into the 19th Century. Here nickel-plated, this pattern can work beautifully in contemporary schemes. Suitable for internal mortise lock or rim locks (for rim locks one rose can be omitted & the knobs are secured to the spindle with a grub screw). Spindle gauge is standard and should work in any English mortise or rim lock. This is the larger of the two sizes available in this pattern, see 91305 for the smaller. These are reproduction door-knobs so can be ordered in quantity if required. And they are available in hand-finished brass.

The 18th Century door-knob is notably small. Even in large stately homes, large doors have small mortise sets. Not only is this quite correct as door knobs should relate to the hand operating them rather than the door they service, but metal production was extremely expensive and smaller door furniture saved on materials. It should be noted that, although brass seems the default material for period door furniture, it was rare in Georgian times – they were more often made in iron. Due to a low melting point, zinc, that together with copper makes brass, is very hard to smelt and smelting wasn’t carried out in any scale in England until the 1750’s in Bristol – and remained rare for a long time after that. .