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2nd September 2022

Brunswick House Journal

Posted in: LASSCO News

Kensington Residence Fountains

Two huge cast bronze fountains were reclaimed from a large residence in Kensington. Although not very old, they’ve got intricate decoration with a vast array of motifs. They weigh several tonnes and had to be moved into position by forklift.

Extended Silly Season

Wedding’s at Brunswick House are now fully booked all the way up to Christmas and every week multiple new couples move into the big house for the day to celebrate tying the knot. If you’d like to book your wedding in 2023 please get in touch with Jo Auger.

Mask On, Mask Off

Keep your eye’s peeled to the our Tribal category because it’s about to be filled with the contents of a very eccentric, private collection of tribal masks believed to be of Congalese origin. The tribal masks, stools and figures are currently on display in the shop and will pop up online in the coming days.

Reeling off the facts

Catch up with us on Instagram as we break down Ashburton Marble: