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29th July 2019

Ropewalk Concessions: Keeping the Aspidestra flying

Posted in: LASSCO Ropewalk

Ropewalk Concessions

Since mid July LASSCO Ropewalk has begun to introduce a range of carefully selected pop-ups to our arch, No. 37 Maltby Street. The concessions will focus on a slower, more sustainable approach to retail in which the focus is quality, use of materials and Made In England where-ever possible. 




Forest London


When every trendy modernist interior is adorned with cheeseplants, succulents and ferns it would be easy to dismiss the current obsession with houseplants as fad. But the British preoccupation with indoor plants dates back to the 17th century when, as carpets were still too expensive to use on the floor, aromatic herbs would be scattered or strewn amongst the straw that covered stone floors. The Georgian period, and the advent of Green Houses, saw the introduction of tropical plants as a status symbol but by the Victorian era ownership of houseplants had largely been democratised and no domestic photo was complete without a table top Aspidistra.



In recent years houseplants have seen a resurgence in popularity but your average nursery or garden centre rarely caters specifically to indoor horticulture or ornamental plants. Forest London an independent shop whose focus is houseplants for the interior. They are based in South London with locations in Dulwich, Deptford and now LASSCO’s Arch 37, Maltby Street. They have a range of plants and cacti in stock as well as plant pots, terrariums, glass vases and horiticultural books.


View Forest London items on their website, (

Come in to touch and see their Plants up close at LASSCO Ropewalk 7 days-a-week.

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