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11th June 2019

SALON WEDNESDAY’S, 12th JUNE: Decorative Plasterwork, Yesterday and Today

Posted in: News

Join Simon Willcox of Locker & Riley as they analyse the detailed work that goes into this historic architectural practise. 

Decorative Plasterwork – Yesterday and Today. 

Images Courtesy of SteepleFibre


We are delighted to welcome Simon Wilcox for our last Salon Wednesday in our second series of talks.  Simon is an acclaimed expert in the field of historic plasterwork with the company Locker and Riley.  He will explain how recreating the correct style of plasterwork is critical for the successful outcome of any restoration project in an historic building and advise how to navigate the area of listed building consent.



Simon will explore ideas for resolving issues such as the installation of new pipework for heating or air conditioning. He will also discuss how to go about the removal, with minimal damage, of centuries of paint layers, which will have obscured the delicate profile of the plasterwork. 



Some period homes have had their decorative plasterwork stripped out over the last decades due to the minimalist fervour that has gripped the interior design scene since the 1990’s, and it is often difficult to know how these rooms would have looked when all traces of the original decoration have been removed. The charm of a period home can be recaptured with correct period mouldings and well crafted plasterwork can also be employed as part of the contemporary design of a modern home. 


Tickets can be purchased here

The lecture starts at 7pm.


Image courtesy of RDA Plasterings