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10th May 2019

SALON WEDNESDAYS, 15TH MAY: Illuminate the past

Posted in: News
Credit: Richard Cave

Harry Triggs andAndrew Molyneux of TM Lighting: Modern Lighting Techniques in Heritage Settings

Lighting can make or break an interior design concept. TM Lighting will explore light effects for the historic interior, as well as giving useful tips on general fine lighting. We look forward to welcoming you to meet the team from TM lighting, who will discuss how the latest lighting techniques can be employed to enhance historic interiors and works of art.

In the last decade, lighting technology has advanced to become a highly specialised area, which can appear overwhelming for the untrained to navigate. It is advisable to rely on the opinion of experts to suggest and demonstrate the variety of both decorative and specialist effects that can be achieved in a safe and cost- effective way.

Sympathetic lighting is crucial to the success of any interior design scheme. It also affects our mood and sense of wellbeing more than any other element. Carelessly conceived lighting can spoil the loveliest of interiors. One often sees chandeliers, blazing with a harsh white light, draining the colour from fabrics, paintings and people, or ineffective picture lights that only really light the top of the frame, and not the art in its full glory.
Cut glass Chandeliers were conceived to fill the void of a high room with a shimmering orb that brought the eye up towards a softly illuminated ceiling. Candelabra stood on side tables in front of mirrors in order to reflect light into the room and sparkle on gilded carving. Since the invention and advancement of LED bulbs, these effects can be recreated today better than ever before.

TM Lighting have made dramatic improvements in the lighting of collections of art in historic houses around the country including Blenheim Palace, Hillsborough Castle, Hampton Court, and Alnwick Castle. However, their advice is just as valid for making the most of a favourite work of art in a small space.

We look forward to welcoming you at Brunswick House from 6.30pm for this illuminating talk and some wine.