Take Back Control

March 2017

LASSCO’s in house carpenter creates one-off items of furniture combining integrity of materials with admirable utility. We encourage our customers to ponder what they can do themselves with our wealth of salvaged materials.

With so much remarkable and historical salvage dispersed across our three sites, we at LASSCO are often sorely tempted to take up and reuse items of stock that would otherwise go somewhat unnoticed. The most recent instance of this involves the handsomely weather beaten Oak gate bars and stile-posts kept at our Three Pigeons Inn, in rural Oxfordshire.

The rails themselves are reclaimed from all over the country, where they are replaced or removed by our sober minded farmers for whom the magnificently varied, undulating surface of the timber is of no significance when the maintenance of field boundaries is necessary.

The table was made on a whim and shows what can be done with a little imagination. Our preference at LASSCO is to allow the customer’s fancies to predominate. Look at a batch of reclaimed timber as a raw material with which to construct whatever you choose. Or let us do it for you – our in house carpenters and joiners are always willing to develop your ideas.

Keep an eye out for further creations from our diverse and comprehensive range of reclaimed materials. We will keep you updated on all our projects.




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