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3rd June 2015

Bermondsey Bees,


Bermondsey Bees beeswax candles

Bermondsey Bees beeswax candles

Most of us when asked would probably say that bees buzz about in the countryside returning to their beehives in flowery meadows near orchards.  But that would be wrong.  Almost in the shadow of The Shard, a stone’s throw from iconic Tower Bridge & four storeys above a busy London street there are 4 cedar wood hives occupied by the  Bermondsey Street Bees.   They forage for up to three miles on a wide variety of urban flowers and trees in parks, allotments, gardens, railway sidings, window-boxes and even wasteland to make a remarkable floral honey, without the insecticides and herbicides which can blight bees in the countryside.  Urban rooftop beekeeping offers the honeybees a safe environment, which is crucial at a time when bees in the U.K. are in severe decline.   LASSCO is delighted to be selling Bermondsey Bee honey-scented, natural beeswax candles.  Brighter and longer-lasting than other candles, beeswax candles emit a fragrant honey perfume that not only scents your home, but can also allegedly help alleviate some breathing problems. £8.50 a pair.

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