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20th September 2012

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Posted in: LASSCO News

The Theatre is coming to Brunswick House on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October 2012.

Within the confines of four walls, Open House explores the memories and stories of a building that has remained standing in the face of industrialization, war, and gentrification. From physical theatre to puppetry, Nice Work If You Can Get It take their audience through the corresponding stories evoked by the house. For two nights only, be led through the four floors of this unique and beautiful building, as Brunswick House becomes an Open House.

Nice Work If You Can Get It are an emerging theatre ensemble founded by Madelaine Ryan and Hannah Howard. The two friends met while earning their rent waiting tables and soon became aware of their mutual passion for theatre and The Arts. Bonded by their work place, many a play date, and the integral after-shift gin chats at the bar, the pair soon embarked on creating Nice Work If You Can Get It, with their debut piece Open House


Nice Work If You Can Get It enjoy the process of devising and creating theatre that is inclusive and collaborative. They take inspiration from places and spaces, people and issues, unexplored, ignored or forgotten.  Hourly performances will be in time slots from 6.15pm onwards on both evenings, starting promptly outside LASSCO Brunswick House front entrance.  Tickets are £12 and will be emailed prior to the performance. Tel: 020 7501 7775