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10th March 2012

Green Light for Development at LASSCO Three Pigeons!

Posted in: LASSCO News
LASSCO is delighted to report that Planning Consent has been granted  by South Oxfordshire District Council for a development of our Three Pigeons site.

Adrian Amos, LASSCO’s Chairman and founder, writes:

” This consent is great news for LASSCO and all our  friends and customers.

Firstly, it will give us ample warehousing, strategically and  conveniently located on Britain’s motorway network less than 45 miles  from London [22 from Heathrow] and with the Channel ports within the  hour. As the number of experienced Architectural Salvage operators  diminishes, particularly at our end of the Trade, the amount of  material offered to us increases. Often this is from nationally significant collections. Refusing this material is not an option – no  matter how commercially doubtful it might be. Throwing  ‘stuff’ away  is not an option – ‘Discard’ is not in our DNA. So we are doomed to  fill every hidey hole with yet more stock. These new buildings will  allow us to do just that into the forseeable future!

Proposed LASSCO Three Pigeons development
Proposed LASSCO Three Pigeons development - Murray John Architects

Secondly, The Three Pigeons will gain a ‘Third Pigeon’, a third gable  that will nicely enhance the ‘streetscape’ of Milton Common; and the  paved yards, walled gardens and characterful buildings planned for  the site can be embellished not only with the fascinating LASSCO  stock but with extensive planting. “Theme Park” and “LASSCO” do not  sit happily in the same sentence but I hope visitors will find a visit to The Three Pigeons, enhanced by our improvements, yet more  profitable, interesting, sustaining and enjoyable.

Thirdly, The Three Pigeons Inn will now reassume its historic role as  a place of hospitality, the ghosts of the old Coaching Inn will be cheered by the sound of refreshment and merriment… with  letting rooms, extended and improved kitchens, further dining rooms  and bars, a Hall for receptions, parties, gatherings and exhibitions  – and the extensive walled gardens, courtyards and orchards, pergolas  and walkways adorned with statuary, fountains and garden ornament.

LASSCO Three Pigeons Aerial Photo (2009)

Subject to the requirements of building regs and the caution of  Murray John Architects we shall be incorporating as much  Architectural Salvage into our new structures as is fitting. When complete LASSCO will have a home, nationally positioned,  internationally focussed and serving the local community –  built  mainly from reclaimed and sustainable materials. And Milton Common will have a rejuvenated coffee shop and pub, the weary traveller a friendly welcome and our LASSCO customers an ever more fascinating resource of  authentic material for The Period House & Garden.

It is enormously satisfying to be able to put a case to planners for  the expansion of, what is admittedly, a perplexing business – not  perhaps Sui Generis but certainly ‘self defining’ – and in an area  notably hostile to any sort of Planning Application – and to hear  nothing but resounding endorsement for our proposals. When I started  in this business nearly forty years ago my activities were considered  those of a scavenger – it is good to be able to pass on to the next  generations a business covered in virtue, where re-use is next to Godliness.

LASSCO Three Pigeons from a hot-air balloon (photo: A.Reeve)
LASSCO Three Pigeons from a hot-air balloon (photo: A.Reeve)

So Milton Common the Promised Land? Not quite – but we shall enjoy  developing our two acres – and we hope that the process will be as  interesting for our friends as will the concluded project!”

Plans for the consented development can be seen on the South Oxfordshire District Council website.

Murray John Architects can be contacted at