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15th October 2011

“Perfect” Review by John Lanchester for Brunswick House Cafe in the Guardian

Posted in: LASSCO News

John Lanchester gives a glowing review for Brunswick House Cafe in today’s (Saturday) Guardian Magazine! Not one to pull his punches as a restaurant critic Lanchester lays on the compliments for LASSCO’s resident chef Jackson Boxer and his team. Read it in full here.

Brunswick House Cafe Review
Lanchester Reviews Brunswick House Cafe

Lanchester enthuses with paragraphs like this:

“The short and simple way of describing Brunswick House Cafe is to say it is perfect. Jackson Boxer has made a place that sends exactly the right signals about itself: it is quirky and personal, and casual and cool, but it’s very well run, too, and the underlying commitment to good food isn’t casual at all. There is a feeling that the people working here enjoy what they do. That helps the customer relax and enjoy it, too.”

He makes comments like this:

“the food ranged from good to very good”

makes mention of the:

“dangerously good cocktails”

and finishes with this:

“Restaurants are mainly about hospitality, a fact that far too many of them forget. Brunswick House Cafe doesn’t, and deserves to keep on thriving. This is no one’s corporate idea of a restaurant, and it sprang up from no one’s business plan. Hoorah!”

Compliments to the chef indeed!