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8th January 2010

Winter Wonderland Update and Pictures

Posted in: LASSCO News

At LASSCO Three Pigeons we've enjoyed a significant amount of snow over the past couple of days but we are still very much open (although you will have to do a bit of digging if you want some of the items from the garden!). All roads to us now seem to be open and free-flowing.

One Shovel, two Operatives

Above: Lucasz and John and their trusty shovel get to work.

Snow at 3Pigeons

Our Chef has been fuelling all-comers with a Winter Warmer menu that thaws the most frosted traveller. The "Winter Roasted Parsnip Soup with Cheddar Croutons" and "Beef Braised in Stout with Mushrooms, Carrots and served with Mashed Potato" warm you to the core. Claire's Hot Cinnamon apple juice and Shotover Brewery's Prospect Ale will ensure that if we get snowed in here in the coming weeks we won't be particularly upset!

Below: LASSCO Three Pigeons, looking down the A40 on Tuesday. On Tuesday night the temperature just a few miles away in Benson reached minus 17.5deg Celcius. The temperature at the South Pole that night was only 2degrees colder!

Snow at LASSCO

Snow at LASSCO

Winter Wonderland

Above: The Garden looks amazing under 6inches of snow.