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24th September 2008

LASSCO Three Pigeons

LASSCO Three Pigeons


3 Pigeons
3 Pigeons

Moorish lanterns in Three Pigeons

Balmy summer days with a Moroccan flavour.

Moorish Market at Three Pigeons


Galatea with a snow stole         Galatea wearing a gorgeous stole and hat made of ….snow!



  • pithoi


The front of the showrooms…

The front approached from the car park

On a sunny June day


Looking at the front as the sun sets.

Three Pigeons at dusk

The shop lit up at night at Christmas time

Three Pigeons exterior at Christmas time

Three Pigeons interior at Christmas time

Looking at the building from the backyard….

A leisurely pit stop at the old coaching inn, Three Pigeons, with a coffee shop and restaurant to assuage the thirst and titilate the tastebuds!

Pit stop

Former Chef, Claire Assis with one of her tasty soups and soda bread!

chef in coffee shopand an example of her tasty muffins too