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12th April 2007


Posted in: LASSCO News

We may look as though we're about to take part in a David Copperfield stunt, hidden as we are from sight, but we and the building are in fact still here, and intend to remain so!

Business is as usual, with salvage from the four corners of London, Britain, and indeed the Continent, continuing to arrive daily.

However, just in case the current scaffolding and unrelated advertising surrounding Brunswick has left you a tad confused as to our whereabouts, we've decided to make it that little bit easier for you, by errecting a not insignificant and altogether more relevant banner of our own!

Covering one entire side of Brunswick House, it can reportedly be seen from Chelsea Bridge. Google Earth hasn't yet been updated, but I fancy its chances there as well!

Brunswick Banner

Brunswick Banner

On a more serious note, the scaffolding and advertising surrounding Brunswick are there for a purpose – that of funding the continued restoration of the building. The LASSCO banner will therefore appear intermittently when no other advert is booked. 

The central image is of a limestone keystone, displaying three graduated interlocking cogs. Carved by Sir Charles Wheeler the late 1950's, it formed part of a series for a doorway lintel at the former headquarters of Barclays Bank at 53 Lombard Street. The keystone and the rest of the sculptural cycle, comprising other keystones and plaques of different sizes, can be seen at the new Oxfordshire shop, "LASSCO Three Pigeons" . They are all for sale and will feature on this website soon.