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The Hew Draper graffito

the rectangular tablet incised with a zodiac wheel, signs of the zodiac, numbers and dates for the casting of horoscopes, bearing the inscription "HEW DRAPER OF BRISTOW (Bristol) MADE THIS SPEER (sphere) THE 30 DAYE OF MAYE, 1561" and a founder's stamp "No.1.S"


Dimensions: 51.5cm (20¼") High, 59cm (23¼") Wide
Stock Code: 43574
plaster acanthus leaf
the arched leaf with a delicate serrated edge mounted on a rectangular plaque,
Dimensions: 48cm (19") High, 20.5cm (8") Wide
Stock Code: 45252
An English plaster bust of Rinaldo della Luna

the gaunt male with head turned to sinester, weariing a pleated tunic, with an indistinct description on the plinth and bearing the Brucciani model number 2929,

Dimensions: 40cm (15¾") High, 41cm (16¼") Wide
Stock Code: 26535
Bull plaque

the rectangular panel, in the style of an antique metope,

Dimensions: 52cm (20½") High, 79cm (31") Wide
Stock Code: 42280
Coade roundel
the seated female figure modelled in relief proffering grapes to a needy putto,
Dimensions: 55cm (21¾") Wide, 55cm (21¾") in Diameter
Stock Code: 44833
Bull plaque
Cast at LASSCO Three Pigeons by Peter Hone
Dimensions: 53cm (20¾") High
Stock Code: 42097
deco lion
the maned beast snarling,
Dimensions: 47cm (18½") High, 32cm (12½") Wide
Stock Code: 44615
Coade lion
the lioness with bulbous eyes and soporific expression, flanked by large paws, can be wall-hung,
Dimensions: 23cm (9") High, 28cm (11") Wide
Stock Code: 44599
Drapery swag plaque
the rectangular plaque cast in relief with a ribbon-tied drapery swag, tasseled to its edge, the plaque cast in two halves and framed with a moulded border,
Dimensions: 57cm (22½") High, 104.5cm (41¼") Wide
Stock Code: 44797
Acanthus panel
the richly ornamented frieze cast with an acanthus clasp issuing four successive fruiting and flowering acanthus scrolls,
Dimensions: 160cm (63") High, 32cm (12½") Wide
Stock Code: 44378
Amazonamachy: A Classical plaster figural relief
the central mounted Amazon in readiness to strike a Greek warrior, another Amazon in support, a further prone beneath the rearing stead. A companion piece to our cast 44365- a frieze from the long side of the same sarcophagus,
Dimensions: 78cm (30¾") High, 93cm (36½") Wide
Stock Code: 44668
Griffin relief - after Coade's original for Robert Adam

the pair of mythical beasts, modelled in profile, opposed, each with a fore-paw raised on the pedestal of a classical lidded urn, the raised border of the tablet ornamented with lambrequin mouldings, 


Dimensions: 90cm (35½") High, 125cm (49¼") Wide
Stock Code: 42875
Sarcophagus Frieze
the frieze modelled with battling figures - armed Greeks in helms with shields and Amazons in chitons, a rearing horse and two prone figures, all cast in deep relief. A companion piece to our cast 44668, a relief from the short side of the same sarcophagus,
Dimensions: 79cm (31") High, 157cm (61¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44365
Dionysos plaque
the rectangular plaque depicting Dionysos and his retinue of Satyrs, bearing attributes of his cult - such as the thyrsus and wine skin, the reclining mortal turning to greet the god,
Dimensions: 94cm (37") High, 154cm (60¾") Wide
Stock Code: 42622
Elgin Marbles
the rectangular panel cast in low-relief with two horsemen reining in their mounts, the leader turning, his left arm raised, a cloak billowing from his shoulders,
Dimensions: 109.5cm (43") High, 170cm (67") Wide
Stock Code: 45077
Elgin Marbles
the rectangular panel cast in low-relief with two horsemen, wearing tunics, reining in their mounts, the second wearing a wide-brimmed hat,
Dimensions: 101cm (39¾") High, 139.5cm (55") Wide
Stock Code: 45078

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