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Head of a lion
Cast at LASSCO Three Pigeons by Peter Hone
Dimensions: 19cm (7½") High, 22cm (8¾") Wide
Stock Code: 42131
An English relief cast plaster double-portrait roundel of Napoleon and Josephine

the bas-relief of the two heads in profile,

Dimensions: 24cm (9½") High
Stock Code: 42275
An English cast plaster death-mask of the hanged mutineer Richard Parker
Cast at LASSCO Three Pigeons by Peter Hone
Dimensions: 25cm (9¾") High, 19cm (7½") Wide
Stock Code: 42127
An English relief cast plaster portrait roundel of Canova

the sculptor in profile and inscribed "CANOVA",

Dimensions: 25cm (9¾") High
Stock Code: 42261

the profile portrait of head and neck of the poetess wearing a headscarf,

Dimensions: 42cm (16½") High, 32cm (12½") Wide
Stock Code: 42271
A cast plaster fragment of a classical head
Cast at LASSCO Three Pigeons by Peter Hone
Dimensions: 18cm (7") High
Stock Code: 42096
A cast plaster Satyr mask bracket
Cast at LASSCO Three Pigeons by Peter Hone
Dimensions: 21cm (8¼") High
Stock Code: 42098
Intaglio Roundel
the raised ovals and roundels variously depicting various minatures of classical allegory and portrait,
Dimensions: 30cm (11¾") Wide, 30cm (11¾") in Diameter
Stock Code: 44381
wrythen boss
the roundel cast in deep relif with a twisted wreath of foliate forms,
Dimensions: 26cm (10¼") Wide, 26cm (10¼") in Diameter
Stock Code: 44705
A cast plaster section of frieze with anthemion motif

an English Regency pattern,

Dimensions: 48cm (19") Wide
Stock Code: 42092
A plaster cast of an anthemion in relief
Cast at LASSCO Three Pigeons by Peter Hone
Dimensions: 42cm (16½") High
Stock Code: 42108
A cast plaster keystone with a classical head of a maiden

after the Georgian Coade Stone original,

Dimensions: 29.5cm (11½") High
Stock Code: 42110
Inigo Jones
the mask of the architect in full relief with a mournful expression and full beard,
Dimensions: 34cm (13½") High, 23cm (9") Wide
Stock Code: 43356
Coade keystone
the mask of Athena with an owl's visage adorning a tiara and plaited hair tresses framing her face, stamped to the underside with maker's mark "COADE LONDON 1794"
Dimensions: 26cm (10¼") High, 18cm (7") Wide
Stock Code: 44226
Coade keystone
cast with the mask of an animated grinning youth with tousled hair,
Dimensions: 26cm (10¼") High, 24cm (9½") Wide
Stock Code: 44225
Fleur de Lys Plaque
the rectangular plaque cast in relief with a naturalistic fleur-de-lys, each leaf modelled as if splitting to reveal seeds,
Dimensions: 44cm (17¼") High, 35cm (13¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44383

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