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LASSCO Brunswick House

Brunswick House in central London contains a mixture of fine furniture, antiques, statuary and decorative ornaments, venue hire opportunities and renowned restaurant.

Our address:

30 Wandsworth Road,
London SW8 2LG

Opening hours:


Usual Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm


To hire all or part of Brunswick House for a future event speak to our events team by email, call or visit our venues website.


Monday, Closed

Tuesday, 5pm to 11pm

Wednesday to Sunday, Open as usual

Please contact Brunswick House Restaurant in order to book a table.


LASSCO Brunswick House Stock

  • Lithograph of St. James's Palace, London, by David Gentleman

    Lithograph of St. James’s Palace, London, by David Gentleman

    £300 Stock code: P00284 B
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    Lithograph of St. James’s Palace, London, by David Gentleman

    Original signed lithograph by David Gentleman. Limited edition 80/195.
    Dimensions: 83.5cm (32¾") High, 68.5cm (27") Wide, 1.5cm (0½") Deep
    Stock code: P00284 B
  • Suite of double hung silk damask curtains

    £3,000 Stock code: 78965 E
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    Suite of double hung silk damask curtains

    with pelmet, swags and tails, the taupe curtains closing to the centre. En suite with stock #78965F. Measurements are per panel. Pink panel: Hem width 240 cm. Header width 114 cm. Length 330 cm. Beige panel: Hem width 528 cm. Header width 200 cm. Length 320 cm. Pelmet sections (dimensions vary depending on how loosely or tightly the swags are hung) centre swag approx 157 cm wide x 70 cm long, the outer swags are approx 95 cm wide. Tails are 162 cm long. Tassels: 42 cm long.
    Dimensions: 200cm (78¾") Wide, 330cm (130") Long, Measurements are per panel.
    Stock code: 78965 E
  • Birth, Behaviour and Business,

    £145 Stock code: AD1562 17
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    Birth, Behaviour and Business,

    Framed Chromolithograph by T (Theobald Chartran) showing Her Majesty's loyal opposition. The front back consists of three survivors of Lord Salisbury's collapsed administration. Lord John Manners, once Postmaster General and later 7th Duke of Rutland, Sir Stafford Northcote, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Richard Assheton Cross, former Home Secretary. All three were seen as emblematic of the lethargy and inertia of the Conservative party of the period.
    Dimensions: 36.5cm (14¼") High, 47cm (18½") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: AD1562 17
  • Early British natural history copper engravings – Ruff, Tamatia, Coot,

    £220 each Stock code: P01283 E
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    Early British natural history copper engravings – Ruff, Tamatia, Coot,

    Francis Barlow (c. 1626 – 1704) was an English painter, etcher, and illustrator.
    Dimensions: 30.5cm (12") High, 24cm (9½") Wide, 3cm (1¼") Deep
    Stock code: P01283 E
    £220 each