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picture frame
the very large rectangular frame, ogee moulded and applied with a dense repeating rocaille-work mouldings, outset clasps to the corners, some losses,
Dimensions: 410cm (161½") High, 223cm (87¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44950
Portrait of a seated a gentleman holding papers
Mid 19th century portrait. oil-on-canvas. Presented in a gilt frame.
Dimensions: 119cm (46¾") High, 99cm (39") Wide
Stock Code: P00756
St. Pauls after the Blitz pencil drawing by George Charlton
Impressive pencil drawing by George Charlton of St. Pauls Cathedral seen from Paternoster Row, drawn during the London Blitz. Framed
Dimensions: 75cm (29½") High, 42cm (16½") Wide
Stock Code: AA1
A Japanese paper-lined, ebonised wood framed, six-panel screen,
parcel-gilt, colour and ink on paper, depicting a pair of red-capped Manchurian cranes within a rocky landscape, the reverse with repeated block-printed geometric decoration,
Dimensions: 170cm (67") High, 381cm (150") Wide
Stock Code: 44817
Nineteenth century portrait of Mrs Taylor
oil on canvas in period gilt frame by Rowley of Kensington. Mrs Taylor was wife of Major Taylor and aunt of Elizabeth Bray.
Dimensions: 43cm (17") High, 36cm (14¼") Wide
Stock Code: P00746
Edwardian oil on canvas of a reclining lady,
painted circa 1910. In a gilt frame.
Dimensions: 36.5cm (14¼") High, 52cm (20½") Wide
Stock Code: 77990
Pair of Belgian portraits,
Both portraits were framed in Brussels, the one of the woman is dated 1830 and the Officer is 1823
Dimensions: 31cm (12¼") High, 28cm (11") Wide
Stock Code: P00749
Early twentieth century Moroccan oil on canvas
depicting foliage in a rural setting, framed.
Dimensions: 150cm (59") High, 100cm (39¼") Wide
Stock Code: 77991
Twentieth century European School scenic painting,
Showing a stone farmhouse with a cart of pumpkins. Gilt frame.
Dimensions: 68cm (26¾") High, 74cm (29¼") Wide
Stock Code: 77989
Portrait of a moustachioed gentleman
signed E. Aubry
Dimensions: 65cm (25½") High, 56cm (22") Wide
Stock Code: P00773
20th century floral still-life
Colourful impasto rendered oil painting. Framed
Dimensions: 83cm (32¾") High, 72cm (28¼") Wide
Stock Code: P01037
Portrait of a Gentleman wearing a ring,
A prominent feature of this portrait is the hand with a ring on the little finger. In portraiture it was usually the sign of a gentleman to wear a signet ring on the little finger of the right hand; though his one is encrusted with rows of stones and he shows another curious trait by partially hiding his thumb in his waistcoat.
Dimensions: 88.5cm (34¾") High, 76.5cm (30") Wide
Stock Code: p00748
English School, portrait of a gentleman,
portrait of a gentleman with a ruffled shirt and cravat pin. Circa 1840.
Dimensions: 73cm (28¾") High, 61cm (24") Wide
Stock Code: P00885
New Vauxhall Bridge by Kathleen Streatfeild,
watercolour painted 1906.
Dimensions: 50cm (19¾") High, 58.5cm (23") Wide
Stock Code: P00894
Floral still-life of Chrysanthemums
European school natura morte vanitas painted by M. Julienne in 1923. Vanitas paintings show the fagility of human life through the items depicted. Here shown is a vase of Chrysanthemums, bas relief of a saint, candle snuffer and a picture of a windmill.
Dimensions: 128cm (50½") High, 94cm (37") Wide
Stock Code: P01058
Nineteenth century pastoral scene,
original oil on canvas laid on board.
Dimensions: 31.5cm (12½") High, 28.5cm (11¼") Wide
Stock Code: P00431

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