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'Verve' by Pablo Picasso; lithographs printed by Mourlot 1954

1954 lithographs of the works composed during Picasso's stay at Vallauris in 1954

"Last winter, from mid-December to the end of January 1954 Picasso was working indefatigably on this series of drawings, which rank among the finest, boldest, most poignantly human of all he has produced in the course of his long and brilliant career... Almost one could fancy that in his lonely nights at Vallauris these denizens of a world invented by himself crowded into the artist's room, sat for him, confessed unblushingly their most shameful secrets... We have published the series of drawings in its entirety. They form an organic whole, born of a surging uprush of the creative spirit, and to have omitted any of its elements would have been a mutilation. Nevertheless, when we isolate anyone of these elements and fix our attention on a single page, we find the fragment almost as eye-filling as the ensemble. All the drawings are reproduced in the exact size of the originals and in the chronological order of their making." (Teriade).
Dimensions: 43.5cm (17¼") High, 34.5cm (13½") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
Stock code: P00929 AL

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