Ropewalk Ropewalk Market

What started as LASSCO’s Flooring Depot, under the arches in Bermondsey has evolved into one of London’s most vibrant weekend markets! LASSCO’s Warehouse is here and still at the cutting edge of salvage clearances – bales of glorious floorboards and stacks of panelling arriving through the week – but at the weekend the hoards arrive.

The Ropewalk is an avenue of handsome Victorian railway arches. The Shard peers along its length. On Saturdays and Sundays we are lined with market stalls of enthusiastic foodies selling everything from charcuterie to coffee; gin, cake, fish, oils, sausages and wine.

In amongst it all do not be surprised to find ball-room dancing lessons and live music.

You’ll find a cross section of current stall-holders here.

If you’re coming to view reclaimed Floorboards, or salvaged lighting, or radiators – be warned you might end up with us for the entire day!