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  • William Hogarth, An Election

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    William Hogarth, An Election

    Hogarth's Election series was inspired by the notorious Oxfordshire contest in the General Election of 1754. The seats had been held, uncontested, by the Tories, since 1710. Then in 1752 the Whigs, who already held a large majority in Parliament, decided to contest the Oxfordshire seats and this heralded a two-year campaign characterised by unprecedented levels of bribery and corruption. These prints are based on the four paintings Hogarth started not long after the General Election. By this time the events in Oxfordshire had been widely publicised through journals and pamphlets. The paintings were bought from Hogarth by the actor David Garrick and later acquired by John Soane at an auction of the effects of Mrs Garrick in 1823. The Gentleman's Magazine had been critical of Hogarth’s work calling it, ‘the very many disgusting, if not depraved exhibitions of human nature' in the paintings.
    Dimensions: 1cm (0½") Wide
    Stock code: AD1538
  • A Successful First Speech,

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    A Successful First Speech,

    Framed chromolithograph by SPY (Sir Leslie Ward) picturing Mr Fredrick Edwin Smith, later 1st Earl of Birkenhead, MP for Liverpool Walton and boon companion of Sir Winston Churchill until his early death. The subtitle, 'Moab is my Washpot', is from psalm 108 and is a proverbial declaration of total triumph over vanquished foes. F.E Smith is famed in Parliamentary history for his maiden speech in the House, known as 'I Warn The Government', described by the late Paul Johnson as "without question the most famous maiden speech in history, quite unprecedented, and never equalled since." In it he accused the Liberal government of arrogance, dishonesty and heavy handedness after their landslide victory at the election of 1906. He managed to catch David Lloyd George in a clear untruth and won the begrudging admiration of all sides of the house. He declared, in response to a suggestion by Lloyd George to the churches of Wales that the Tories wanted to 'introduce slavery to the hills of Wales' that: "I have no means of judging how heaven will deal with persons who think it decent to make such suggestions. The distinction drawn by the Right Hon. Gentleman is more worthy of the county court than of the Treasury Bench." He then went on famously to declare: "I venture to warn the government that the people of this country will neither forget nor forgive a party which, in the heyday of its triumph, denies to the infant Parliament of the Empire one jot or tittle of that ancient liberty of speech which our predecessors in this House vindicated for themselves at the point of the sword." He was a, according to the ONDB a 'champion of hard-drinking patriotic men' in the face of the temperance movement before his early death of cirrhosis of the liver.
    Dimensions: 45cm (17¾") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: AD1562 19
  • Cricket, Railways, and Agriculture,

    £250 Stock code: AD1562 12
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    Cricket, Railways, and Agriculture,

    A framed chromolithograph by Spy (Sir Leslie Ward) picturing Charles George Lyttleton, 8th Viscount Cobham, Liberal MP for East Worcestershire. A first class cricketer who played 35 first class matches in his life, he was elected President of the Marylebone Cricket Club in 1888. Cobham was also a member of the Tennis Committee of the MCC and was responsible for framing standardised rules for the new sport of lawn tennis. These unified Laws of Lawn Tennis were published on 29 May 1875.  
    Dimensions: 45cm (17¾") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: AD1562 12
  • East Birmingham,

    £195 Stock code: AD1562 34
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    East Birmingham,

    Framed Chromolithograph by Spy (Leslie Ward) depicting Sir John Benjamin Stone, Conservative politician, pioneer of photography, MP for Birmingham East and first Mayor of Sutton Coldfield. He was a prolific early documentary photographer and undertook photographic expeditions to Spain, Norway, Japan and Brazil where he captured the 1893 total solar eclipse. The National Portrait Gallery holds 62 of his photographic portraits and he was appointed the official photographer of the coronation of George V in 1911.
    Dimensions: 45cm (17¾") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: AD1562 34
  • The Working Man Member,

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    The Working Man Member,

    Framed chromolithograph picturing Mr Henry Broadhurst MP. A leading early British trade-unionist, Mr Broadhurst worked his way up from a stonemason's apprentice to become leader of the Labour Representation League, a forerunner of the Labour Party. From working as a mason on the clock tower of the rebuilt Palace of Westminster he eventually secured a seat in the House of Commons as MP, firstly  for Stoke-on-Trent, as well as chairmanship of the forerunner of the TUC. Appointed Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department in the Liberal government he became the first person from a working-class or labour movement background to hold a ministerial post.
    Dimensions: 45cm (17¾") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: AD1562 21
  • The Cabinet Council, 1883,

    £145 Stock code: AD1562 16
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    The Cabinet Council, 1883,

    Framed Chromolithograph showing Gladstone's 1883 Liberal Cabinet. The second Gladstone administration was responsible for, among other things, the introduction of compulsory elementary education up to the age of 14 and the Married Woman's Property Act which returned to women the legal ability to own property in their own right. Depicted alongside the Prime Minister are his 13 cabinet colleagues including the MP for Birmingham Joseph Chamberlain, The 8th Duke of Devonshire, the 15th Earl of Derby and Sir William Vernon Harcourt.
    Dimensions: 36.5cm (14¼") High, 47cm (18½") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: AD1562 16

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  • Henri Matisse, 'The Last Works of Henri Matisse'

    Henri Matisse, ‘The Last Works of Henri Matisse’

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    Henri Matisse, ‘The Last Works of Henri Matisse’

    From Verve Vol. IX No. 35/36 published by Tériade under the title 'The Last Works of Henri Matisse'
    Dimensions: 51cm (20") High, 40cm (15¾") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: P01059Z AZ
    £900 each
  • 18th Century French Engravings of Dogs

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    18th Century French Engravings of Dogs

    Published for, Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière (1749–1804), which was the first modern attempt to systematically present all existing knowledge in the fields of natural history, geology, and anthropology.
    Dimensions: 36cm (14¼") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 13cm (5") Deep
    Stock code: P01266 O
    £175 each