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  • Nude, by Sheila Steafel

    £200 Stock code: P01125
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    Nude, by Sheila Steafel

    oil on canvas, signed and dated 1965. Framed
    Dimensions: 63.5cm (25") High, 4cm (1½") Wide, 99.5cm (39¼") Long
    Stock code: P01125
  • Dog, by Sheila Steafel,

    £95 Stock code: P01121
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    Dog, by Sheila Steafel,

    oil on board, signed and dated 93. Framed
    Dimensions: 25cm (9¾") High, 3cm (1¼") Wide, 32.5cm (12¾") Long
    Stock code: P01121

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  • Brunswick lace panel-0

    Brunswick lace panel

    £336 per panel Stock code: t002
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    Brunswick lace panel

    Handloom weaving was brought to the Irvine Valley, Scotland, in the late 16th century. The craft of lace making was later introduced to the area in 1876 followed shortly by the invention of the power loom in 1877. Lace and Madras weaving continued to flourish there until the late 1970s. The struggle for companies to compete with the distribution of emerging European and Asian economies had a profound effect on the Scottish textile industry. Fortunately these patterned lace panels continue to be woven in Scotland on some of the last remaining Nottingham lace looms in the world. The manufacturing process is extremely labour intensive; the looms run at a very slow, controlled pace so as to give a high level of quality control. LASSCO has been working closely with the weavers to develop a unique collection of lace panels. These patterns were selected for use in, and especially woven for, the Saloon at Brunswick House, the 1758 Georgian Vauxhall home of the Duke of Brunswick that is now the LASSCO 'flagship'. With authentic Gainsborough patterns appropriately reminiscent of the Vauxhall Gardens style, the lower edges are worked in embroidered scallops. Currently two in stock.
    Dimensions: 300cm (118") High, 165cm (65") Wide
    Stock code: t002
    £336 per panel
  • Large Italian 1950s hall mirror,

    Large Italian 1950s hall mirror,

    £3,750 Stock code: 78289
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    Large Italian 1950s hall mirror,

    with brass bound frame, mounted on rosewood back-board, with glazed cabinet to one side.
    Dimensions: 75cm (29½") High, 283cm (111½") Wide, 9cm (3½") Deep
    Stock code: 78289
  • Mid-twentieth century French aluminium baker’s rack,-0

    Mid-twentieth century French aluminium baker’s rack,

    £975 £450 Stock code: 76736
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    Mid-twentieth century French aluminium baker’s rack,

    of typical form, with three tiers of shelving, on castors.
    Dimensions: 207cm (81½") High, 199.5cm (78½") Wide, 45.5cm (18") Deep
    Stock code: 76736
    £975 £450
  • An English plaster bust of the Emperor Vespasian,-0

    An English plaster bust of the Emperor Vespasian,

    £980 Stock code: 41510
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    An English plaster bust of the Emperor Vespasian,

    with a painted black finish,

    Dimensions: 66cm (26") High, 38cm (15") Wide
    Stock code: 41510