Silk Flags published circa 1918,

produced during the First World War for BDV cigarettes,

£35.00 each

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silk collectors flags, original chromolithographs

Dimensions: 19cm (7½") High, 23cm (9") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep

Godfrey Philips Ltd introduced B.D.V cigarettes in the early 1900's and was a popular brand up until 1948 when it was dropped.

The name B.D.V originated from BOYD & Dibrell Virginia who were the US suppliers of their tobacco. Another explaniation is that it originates from a court case in 1901 when a member of the Philips family stated in court that the B.D.V brand was an abbreviation of the Latin words "Benedictus dominus vobiscum" meaning the pipe of peace.

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