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Early twentieth century tramp art dresser,


Archived Stock - This item is no longer available

Early twentieth century tramp art dresser,

with all over scumble glaze, the back-board with an arrangement of shelves and mirrors, constructed from re-used packing cases.

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Dimensions: 165cm (65") High, 98cm (38½") Wide, 44cm (17¼") Deep
Stock code: 77457

The origin of this piece is not certain but the printing of the crates used to make the piece state 'CREAN'S...BLIN MADE SOAPS...NDEPENDENT IRISH F...'. Crean's were a well-known soap manufacturer from Dublin. If this piece was made in Ireland or another country the company exported to is uncertain.

Whilst the term tramp art is usually reserved for the smaller items made of cigar boxes, the use of deal packing crates to make this piece and the overall construction, appearance and motifs all suggest it falls under the tramp art bracket. There was a proliferation of such crates used at the time and this abundance of raw materials, similar to the cigar boxes used for more conventional pieces, gave rise to these unusual forms of naive furniture.

The piece is showing visible signs of wear and there are various small repairs. The original surface of the scumble glaze is in good order but the interior shelf is a chipboard replacement. One pane of glass is broken.

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