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An American "Work Incentive" Poster: "The Teamworker"

Produced by Mather & Company of Chicago, 1929


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An American “Work Incentive” Poster: “The Teamworker”

Produced by Mather & Company of Chicago, 1929

the polychromatic lithograph of a bee gathering nectar, bearing the artist's name and printer's details, framed,

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Dimensions: 115cm (45¼") High, 94.5cm (37¼") Wide
Stock code: 40476
So typical of their day in prohibition America, Mather & Co. of Chicago produced these didactic posters intended to guide and inspire the factory and office worker as he went about his daily routine. These posters are highly collectable and command significant prices when they appear at auction. LASSCO is glad to have acquired a collection comprising a good cross section of the design produced including a number by Willard Frederic Elmes.

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