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A very large Banker's mahogany table-top,

Lloyds Bank, Birmingham, early 20th Century,

Archived Stock - This item is no longer available

A very large Banker’s mahogany table-top,

Lloyds Bank, Birmingham, early 20th Century,

the huge single cut of mahogany, stabilised to each end with cross-grain end-battens,


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Dimensions: 92cm (36¼") Wide, 3cm (1¼") Thick, 449.5cm (177") Long
Stock code: 45825

As a vertical section through the tree the architecture of the wood is revealed – heart-wood and sapwood – the figuring of the timber is remarkable.

This large table-top was known to have been saved from Lloyds Bank in central Birmingham, by one of the managers there, a few decades ago. We assume it served as the boardroom table.

Subsequently, that manager and his family have enjoyed the use of it for many years at family weddings and gatherings – bringing it out and supporting it (and a similar slightly smaller one – see 45826) on trestles. To get such a large piece of show-timber in a singular plank is unusual.

It could again be used as a table-top, or a wide counter, or even wall-mounted as a back-drop  – all we ask is: please don’t cut it!