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Plaster statue of The Resting Satyr,



otherwise known as the Faun of Praxiteles, French nineteenth century bearing label ‘REDUCTION MECHANIQUE A. COLLAS’.
Dimensions: 73cm (28¾") High, 28cm (11") Wide, 19.5cm (7¾") Deep
Stock code: nf0067
After the statue attributed to the ancient Greek sculptur Paraxiteles, 390 - 330 BC. Most notably reproduced in 1st-2nd Centuries Ancient Rome, exemplar being Capitoline Faun in marble circa 130 AD. In Greek Mythology, Satyrs were male companions to Dionysus, god of wine and fertility, typically depicted to be older and more rugged. The Paraxiteles’ model is noted for portraying the satyr's essence to be more bestial and youthful - presented as a woodland faun in a languid repose. These qualities of youth and beauty reflected the admirations of hedonistic philosophy that spread through Greek society in the 4th Century BC.
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