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  • Credulity, Superstition and Fanaticism. A Medley. after William Hogarth

    Credulity, Superstition and Fanaticism. A Medley. after William Hogarth

    £275 Stock code: P00545
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    Credulity, Superstition and Fanaticism. A Medley. after William Hogarth

    In this image Hogarth ridicules secular and religious credulity, and questions the exaggerated religious "enthusiasm" of the Methodist movement. The print was originally engraved in 1761, with the title Enthusiasm Delineated, but never published. Hogarth reworked the engraving before publishing it on 15 March 1762 as Credulity, Superstition and Fanaticism: A Medley.

    It shows a preacher speaking to a church congregation from the top of a high pulpit. His text is opened at a page which reads "I speak as a fool", and he is wearing a Harlequin jacket under his gown. The print includes visual references to more than a dozen reputed instances of witchcraft, possession and apparitions in England. In a box pew at the foot of the pulpit, another clergyman pushes an icon of the Cock Lane ghost down the shirt of a young lady in the throes of religious ecstasy. The "Poors Box" has grown cobwebs and to the right, standing on copies of John Westley's Sermons, and Glanvill's Book of Witches, a religious thermometer measures the emotional states of a brain. On top of the thermometer is an image of the Cock Lane ghost, and the Drummer of Tedworth.

    The congregation are in various states of ecstasy, grief and horror. Another minister sings, accompanied by weeping cherubs. A shoe-black vomits nails and pins, a reference to the boy of Bilson, who ate metal items

    This scene of madness is watched by a turbaned Turk, quietly smoking a pipe, and thanking the prophet that he is a Muslim.

    Above the congregation is suspended "A New and Correct Globe of Hell by Romaine". William Romaine being a leading figure of eighteenth-century Evangelicalism.

    Dimensions: 58cm (22¾") High, 47cm (18½") Wide
    Stock code: P00545
  • Hogarth, Pit Ticket

    Pit Ticket, after William Hogarth

    £275 Stock code: P00535
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    Pit Ticket, after William Hogarth

    The scene takes place in the Royal Cockpit in Birdcage Walk near St James’s Park.

    Cockfighting was a popular sport enjoyed by men from all levels of society. In the centre, the figure of the blind Lord Albermarle Bertie presides over the fight, taking bets as a thief steals one of his banknotes, whist diagonally opposite it the foreground watches a hangman. Two cocks are fighting on the left side of the cockpit; one foot of each feeder is visible at opposite ends of the fighting table. A shadow, is cast by a man suspended overhead in a basket who has been "exalted" He is an unlucky one who could not pay for a lost bet. According to the laws of the cockpit such one is put into a basket and drawn up to the ceiling. In this pitiful position the punished one is carried away by the common passion. He offers his watch for betting.

    The royal arms hang on the brick wall at the back left of the image, inscribed with a broadside depicting Nan Rawlings the ‘Duchess of Deptford’ a cock-breeder and well-known figure on the fighting circuit. An oval medallion hangs in the centre foreground, inscribed with a cock crowing and the phrase “Royal Sport." This medallion is named “Pit Ticket,” a word written on either side of it, and represents a token of admission to the cockfight.

    Dimensions: 46cm (18") High, 52cm (20½") Wide
    Stock code: P00535

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  • Reclaimed Victorian Pine Floorboards-0

    Reclaimed Victorian Pine Floorboards

    £35 - £68 + VAT Per Square Metre. Width Dependent Stock code: RVP001
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    Reclaimed Victorian Pine Floorboards

    Random lengths. Boards priced according to width with the widest batches being the dearest. Widths from 4" - 10".


    Victorian baltic pine is an adaptable and characterful timber whose lightly distressed patina lends itself to use in a wide variety of interiors. Traditionally the timber was used in factories, warehouses, terraced housing and even stables. It's a softwood with hard wearing character. Although the timber does mark and scratch more easily than hard woods, it's this ability to develop a unique patina that is sought after by patrons of the most sympathetic restoration works.


    As our boards are often sourced from factories, warehouses and mills more often than not it is our Victorian Baltic Pine batches that have the longest lengths. So although our customers are not able to specify long lengths when ordering, with Victorian Pine floorboards you can be assured that there will be more long lengths than short.


    The recent conversion of many historic industrial buildings for new updated purposes is something that those of us concerned with English Heritage might consider a shame, however one way to ensure that our proud industrial heritage is not forgotten is through the re use of flooring like this Victorian Baltic pine. The increase in desirability of the warehouse-loft look has meant that there is an increased amount of original pine boarding available for our customers, so good supply can always be ensured.


    If you are lucky enough to already own a Victorian property then you may have noticed that almost all pine floorboards in Victorian homes look similar. And you would be right, most Victorian pine ranges from 5 1/2 inches to 6 3/4 inches wide. The same can be said for the batches we most commonly have in stock. This similarity of construction enables our customers to patch in small areas rather than replacing entire floors. The retention of original features where ever possible is a desirable factor when undertaking the restoration of period properties.


    A characteristic of Baltic pine which is favoured by the Scandinavian aesthetic is how well the material responds to bleaching or white washing. The porous, absorbent qualities of this timber in relation to other harder woods mean it takes well almost all finishes, dark or light. However the use of finishes with most LASSCO reclaimed boards is not advised. We try to source batches of timber for their original finish and often turn away batches of timber that are recently finished or yellowing as a result of poor finishing in the past. Our Victorian pine boards are chosen for their naturally aged character and appearance and should be lightly matte waxed and sealed.

    Dimensions: 158-25.5cm (62¼") Wide, 2.2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: RVP001
    £35 - £68 + VAT Per Square Metre. Width Dependent
  • Regency style Carrara marble bullseye chimneypiece

    Regency style Carrara marble bullseye chimneypiece

    £850 Stock code: 74074
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    Regency style Carrara marble bullseye chimneypiece

    the rectangular shelf above cushion moulded frieze flanked by bullseye roundels, the conforming jambs on square footblocks.
    Dimensions: 105.5cm (41½") High, 138cm (54¼") Wide, 20cm (7¾") Deep, Aperture: height 91cm, width 91cm.
    Stock code: 74074
  • A spectacular French parcel-gilt oak panelled dining room,-0

    Spectacular Boiserie

    £85,000 the lot, including VAT Stock code: 43715
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    Spectacular Boiserie

    The boiserie comprises a 17.5m run of panelling (8No. 3-panel sections 154cm wide, 2No. 2-panel sections 107cm wide, 5No. 1-panel sections 62cm wide) – the cornice set at 287cm high - beneath an additional register of fielded panels adding 45cm in height. The format is of repeating long panels above registers of circlets and square dado panels, each carved with gilded foliate clasps and rocaille ornament, a panelled frieze runs above with conforming gilded ornament – all surmounted by the moulded cornice; the vertical panels are spaced at 47cm centres and each element is framed with pilasters - of which there are 16No. (Three of the triple panels respectively incorporate: a discreet service door, a large cupboard door and a secret compartment for silver and flatware). Additionally, an arched overmantel measures 213cm high by 200cm wide, three arched window-ways include embroidered silk hanging pelmets. Lastly, a grand pair of arched entrance doors complete the room, with finely cast brass door furniture, hung within a moulded frame – to the reverse the doors have raised plain moulding.

    Dimensions: 287cm (113") High, 154cm (60¾") Wide, (high: at cornice, wide: each triple panel, 17.5m the run of boiserie)
    Stock code: 43715
    £85,000 the lot, including VAT
  • Yorkstone paving

    A large consignment of old English Yorkstone flagstones,

    £9,000 inc. VAT Stock code: 45403
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    A large consignment of old English Yorkstone flagstones,

    a good consignment of flagstones of just over 50sq metres is offered as a single batch, there is scope to lay in courses as there is uniformity to the width in one axis,
    Dimensions: 60cm (23½") Wide, 40cm (15¾") Deep, 10cm (4") Thick, is typical: Total coverage = at least 50sq m
    Stock code: 45403
    £9,000 inc. VAT