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  • Large iroko heartwood worktop,

    £270 Stock code: FL0038
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    Large iroko heartwood worktop,

    A large, thick and rough cut Iroko slab. Hardwood, dense and resinous. Iroko is naturally water resistant and ideal as a kitchen worktop or bathroom use.
    Dimensions: 160cm (63″) High, 75cm (29½“) Wide, 5.5cm (2¼“) Thick
    Stock code: FL0038
  • Burnt topside oak shelf,

    £25 Stock code: FL0037_9
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    Burnt topside oak shelf,

    A single length of dark, burnt oak. Ideal for use as shelving.
    Dimensions: 21cm (8¼“) Wide, 1.75cm (0¾“) Thick, 165cm (65”) Long
    Stock code: FL0037_9
  • Quarter-sawn oak shelf,

    £30 Stock code: FL0037_8
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    Quarter-sawn oak shelf,

    A single piece of quarter sawn oak, plank with distressed edges,
    Dimensions: 17cm (6¾“) Wide, 2.25cm (1”) Thick, 153cm (60¼“) Long
    Stock code: FL0037_8
  • Antique patinated oak shelf,

    £140 Stock code: FL0037_7
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    Antique patinated oak shelf,

    Solid Oak plank with patinated surface. Remaining from a bespoke sourced antique batch. Ideal for shelving, cladding, joinery and creative re-use.
    Dimensions: 25.5cm (10″) Wide, 2.5cm (1″) Thick, 220cm (86½“) Long
    Stock code: FL0037_7
  • Solid brown oak shelf,

    £45 Stock code: FL0037_6
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    Solid brown oak shelf,

    Solid smooth worn brown Oak board. Remaining from a larger bespoke batch. Dark smoked and weather worn, rustic and ideal for shelving, cladding or creative re-use.
    Dimensions: 1cm (0½“) Wide
    Stock code: FL0037_6
  • Band-sawn solid oak shelf,

    £70 Stock code: FL0037_5
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    Band-sawn solid oak shelf,

    Solid English Oak board, rough cut and band sawn. Weathered through exposure and heavily rusticated. Suitable for shelving, cladding and display purposes or creative re-use. Remaining from a larger batch, bespoke distressed.
    Dimensions: 23.5cm (9¼“) Wide, 3cm (1¼“) Thick, 185cm (72¾“) Long
    Stock code: FL0037_5
  • Weathered solid oak shelf,

    £40 Stock code: FL0037_4
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    Weathered solid oak shelf,

    Water worn solid oak shelf reclaimed from workshop arches in Bermondsey. Showing hard use and pitted with marks. Structurally sound for the purposes of shelving, display, cladding or creative re-use.
    Dimensions: 14.5cm (5¾“) Wide, 4cm (1½“) Thick, 157cm (61¾“) Long
    Stock code: FL0037_4
  • Antique Normandy oak shelf,

    £25 Stock code: FL0037_3
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    Antique Normandy oak shelf,

    Solid weather worn Oak shelf, remaining from a spent batch. Showing water marks and all hard use with a half split through. Reclaimed from agricultural outbuildings on the Normandy coast of France.
    Dimensions: 19cm (7½“) Wide, 2cm (0¾“) Thick, 152cm (59¾“) Long
    Stock code: FL0037_3
  • Solid black oak shelf,

    £50 Stock code: FL0037_2
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    Solid black oak shelf,

    Single, solid, stained black Oak shelf. Last remaining board of a spent batch. Band sawn with water marks showing. Ideal for use as shelving. Trestles not included.
    Dimensions: 23cm (9″) Wide, 2.5cm (1″) Thick, 189cm (74½“) Long
    Stock code: FL0037_2
  • Pine Pottery Board shelf,

    £20 Stock code: FL0037_1
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    Pine Pottery Board shelf,

    A single piece of reclaimed pine board with rounded edges. Reclaimed from a Staffordshire pottery kiln. Ideal for use as shelving.
    Dimensions: 152.5cm (60″) High, 25cm (9¾“) Wide, 2cm (0¾“) Thick
    Stock code: FL0037_1
  • Victorian Oak Parquet Job Lot

    £125 for 3 1/2 sq m job lot Stock code: FL0035
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    Victorian Oak Parquet Job Lot

    A job lot of 3.5 sq m of long, thick, reclaimed, Victorian Oak parquet.
    Dimensions: 6.98cm (2¾“) Wide, 0.27cm (0”) Deep, 19.68cm (7¾“) Long
    Stock code: FL0035
    £125 for 3 1/2 sq m job lot
  • Moldovian Planed Oak Job Lot

    £850 for 20 sq m job lot Stock code: FL0031
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    Moldovian Planed Oak Job Lot

    A 20 sq m job lot of random width, random length Moldovian planed oak. Suitable for floors and surfaces as well as carpentry, cabinetry and joinery.
    Dimensions: 14cm (5½“) Wide
    Stock code: FL0031
    £850 for 20 sq m job lot