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  • 6 April 2018

    LASSCO at Grand Designs Live 2018

    LASSCO to partner Salvo at Grand Designs Live, Excel Centre, May 2018

  • 22 March 2018

    Preserved Specimens

    A LASSCO Current Clearance: Now Selling – Fixtures, Fittings and Flooring From The Royal College of Surgeons And Hunterian Museum.

  • 8 March 2018

    Roman Remains.

    LASSCO has salvaged a large stock of Edwardian Baltic Pine from a site with a history stretching back to 200 A.D.

  • 10 January 2018

    Sea Containers House

    LASSCO has salvaged a number of interesting items from the prominent former Bankside office, Sea Containers House, designed by Warren Platner.

  • 11 September 2017

    From The Ground Up – Baltic Pine Flooring.

    No salvage or reclamation firm in the Kingdom has as wide a selection of solid, practicable, serviceable historic and reclaimed Baltic Pine floorboards as LASSCO. If you were to enter into almost any building, commercial, public or domestic, built in Britain between the beginning of the Eighteenth Century and the end of the Last War and looked...

  • 4 September 2017

    Modernist Flat Finishing Touches.

    LASSCO is offering remaindered and end-of-run batches of historic and reclaimed parquet blocks at drastically reduced rates. LASSCO’s flooring department is often left with batches under 20 square metres of magnificently patinated hard and softwood block which remain from larger orders. When we reclaim a floor of 100 square metres and a customer only needs...

  • 28 August 2017

    Benjamin Flurolier Lights

    LASSCO has salvaged a run of pioneering mid 20th Century industrial lighting from a famous wartime Rolls Royce Factory. The Benjamin Electric Ltd was founded in 1908, barely thirty years after the invention of the electric light bulb itself, and so could not have been accused of exaggeration when they described themselves to be the ‘pioneers...

  • 21 August 2017

    Obscure Witness to a Titanic Disaster.

    LASSCO has acquired a set of cast iron door cases from the original headquarters of the White Star Line – owner and operator of RMS Titanic. Built in 1903-1906 by the firm of H. Tanner Jr, Oceanic House has significance and setting that belies its present anonymity at the confluence of Cockspur Street and Pall Mall...

  • 9 May 2017

    Cabinets of Wonder

    LASSCO is encouraged to see the inclusion of a modest geological museum with many of its contemporaneous Edwardian features intact included in a short list for the Art Fund’s Museum of the Year prize. Though modest in scale the Lapworth Museum of Geology in Birmingham is being pitted against some of the nation’s great cultural institutions...

  • 12 April 2017

    A Disposition To Preserve, An Ability To Improve

    A recent LASSCO supplied restoration of a C17th townhouse in the West End of London demonstrates that integrity of materials combined with an eye to improvement are the key ingredients in the enhancement and restoration of ancient buildings. Much like a piece of antique furniture, once wooden floors reach a certain age they all have an inherent...

  • 29 March 2017

    Take Back Control

    LASSCO’s in house carpenter creates one-off items of furniture combining integrity of materials with admirable utility. We encourage our customers to ponder what they can do themselves with our wealth of salvaged materials. With so much remarkable and historical salvage dispersed across our three sites, we at LASSCO are often sorely tempted to take up and...

  • 1 February 2017

    “No contentment without the beautiful”

    LASSCO has acquired a gross of Afghan saddle bag Soumaks and Kilim textiles and now invites our customers to put them to creative and decorative use. In Your Garden “Each of the flowers in your garden is brighter than a lamp; In your garden a black crow becomes like a phoenix for me. For Rahman...