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20th August 2019

Ropewalk Concessions: Learn to Labour and Wait

LASSCO Ropewalk has begun to introduce a range of carefully selected pop-ups to our arch, No. 37 Maltby Street. The concessions will focus on a slower, more sustainable approach to retail in which the focus is quality, use of materials and Made In England where-ever possible. All created to last a lifetime or more.





For nearly twenty years Labour and Wait has been at the forefront of creating quality, timeless, functional products as an active demonstration against the obsolescent, throwaway mentality so often present in the design world.



Searching out specialist makers from around the world, many of whom manufacture their goods in the traditional way and to their original designs, Labour and Wait believes in a simple, honest approach to design, where quality and utility are intrinsic in a traditional or contemporary environment.



Next year marks the 20th year of trading for iconic British brand Labour and Wait. They first opened their doors in 2000 on Cheshire Street just off Brick Lane. And they seem to be perfectly at home in LASSCO Ropewalk, which resides on the northern end of London’s most picturesque street market, Maltby Street.


View Labour and Wait items on their website, (

Come in to touch and see their stock up close at LASSCO Ropewalk 7 days-a-week.

Follow Labour and Wait on Instagram here, (

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