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28th September 2018

Orphaned Boards – End Of Run Discounted Flooring.

LASSCO is having a clearance sale of remaindered batches of reclaimed flooring. Individual batches in a range of timbers are ‘priced-to-clear’.

EOR002 - Edwardian Pine_003.jpg
End Of Run Baltic Pine

At LASSCO we get our reclaimed Victorian and Edwardian timber flooring from a network of contacts all over the Country. Ordinarily customers can order batches of any size, large or small, one single length for shelving or hundreds of square metres for more ambitious projects.

EOR003 - Bermondsey St Pine_001.jpg
End Of Run Bermondsey St. Pine

As boards come in uniform width and depth in order to be easily lay-able this can mean we are left with smaller ‘orphaned’ batches as uniform parcels are broken up for sale. While still retaining utility and integrity, these smaller batches can hang around in our yard overlong and thus, in an effort to freshen up our stocks, we mark them down as ‘end-of-run’ discounted batches.

EOR008 - Victorian Pine_003.jpg
Close Grained 19th Century Baltic Pine

The batches come in a random mixture of lengths between 3′ and 15′ with a good ratio of long, short and medium lengths in every batch sold. Board flooring is conventionally square edged whereas strip is tongue and grooved. Parquet comes in both forms.

EOR006 - Victorian Pine_007.jpg
Reclaimed End Of Run Timber

Customers who can make use of these batches of up to 30M2 of solid reclaimed and historic timber can, by careful selection, get a small historic floor for less than half-price. An orphaned batch that sits unwanted in our yard may be just right to fill a room in your house.

EOR007 - Edwardian Chapel Pine_004.jpg
End Of Run Chapel Pine

These batches, some dating back to the 1850’s, are sourced all over London and the United Kingdom. It is the patina of age and the unquestionable authenticity of origin that makes real Victorian and Edwardian building materials still so profoundly evocative in an interior. All our timber flooring batches are carefully inspected to eliminate and exclude structural or aesthetic shortcomings. Each batch is then gone through meticulously and all metal fixing or potential snags are removed by hand.

EOR009 - American Mapel Strip_002.jpg
North American Maple End Of Run

All our end-of-run batches are listed in the relevant subsection of the flooring pages of this website. Normally these batches can only be viewed on site in our timber yard in Bermondsey but over the next few weeks we will be bringing them to the attention of our online customers for the first time.

EOR010 - Painted Baltic Pine_001.jpg
End Of Run Victorian Painted Pine

Prices start at £28/m2 which is only £2.60 a square foot. These batches are perfect for small living rooms and house renovations. We now invite our customers, for the first time, to take this opportunity to ‘explore our yard’ online.

EOR006 - Victorian Pine_007.jpg
End Of Run Boards

These listings will be constantly updated form here on in so keep an eye out for changes in stock and new additions.