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4th September 2017

Modernist Flat Finishing Touches.

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LASSCO is offering remaindered and end-of-run batches of historic and reclaimed parquet blocks at drastically reduced rates.

LASSCO’s flooring department is often left with batches under 20 square metres of magnificently patinated hard and softwood block which remain from larger orders. When we reclaim a floor of 100 square metres and a customer only needs 80 square metres that leaves us with a small batch that, while still possessing all the advantages of a solid hardwood floor, must necessarily be discounted because of the comparatively small size of the batch.


These batches are perfect for small rooms and modest flats. In the post war housing boom the practical priorities of local authority house builders were often necessarily ascendant over the aesthetic or decorative ambitions of the architects themselves. Behind every council development and local authority housing project there will have been some high decorative purpose that has never quite been fully realised.

10 best: Bishopsfield, Harlow, Essex

Our small and reasonably priced batches of reclaimed parquet are the appropriate material for the task of raising a modest room to more interesting pitch of interior design. Whereas lino and concrete are serviceable in their own way, a well laid matrix of distinctive hardwood can turn an anonymous space into something striking.


In rooms of only a few square metres the subtle undulations of the solid reclaimed blocks offset by the insistent symmetry of the herringbone pattern can add a pleasant variety. The undeniable quality of the material and the evocative quality of reclaimed materials in general can be said to raise the tone of a whole room.

LASSCO has the widest possible range of hard and soft wood reclaimed flooring on offer. Teak, Mahogany, Oak, Pine, Pitch Pine, Maple, Douglas Fir, and all many of British and foreign timbers.


Although we try to keep our online listings as accurate and current as possible it is always worth calling our salesmen to see if small, remaindered and end of run batches are newly discounted.

An enhanced hardwood floor in Romney Court Hampstead
An enhanced hardwood floor in Romney Court Hampstead