New Car Park at Three Pigeons

July 2017

If you like the smell of fresh tarmac get down to LASSCO Three Pigeons. After weeks of preparatory work, today and tomorrow we have the big pour – followed by the big roll (Mon/Tues 3/4th July 2017). We do need a bigger car park  – the new one should be plenty big enough – we may even be able to welcome light aircraft.

New Car Park

New Car Park under construction

If you’re coming to see us today or tomorrow, please anticipate temporary parking arrangements, and quite a bit of noise and dust. The restaurant is on a limited opening today and is closed tomorrow (Tuesday 4th July 2017). Thereafter, please anticipate an acre of smooth black tarmac for you to park on.

Update – end of the Monday: The front apron is done – not a pothole in sight – and the car park and yard to the left hand side are rapidly being re-surfaced. Looking forward to completion tomorrow!

Fresh tarmac

Fresh tarmac



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