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14th March 2016

Wall to Wall Coverage

Reclaim Magazine "May 2016"
Reclaim Magazine “May 2016”

You, like us, may have been enjoying the nascent “Reclaim” magazine – not least due to the rather generous amount of its pages that are devoted to the LASSCO shops. Last month was a nicely written piece on the history of LASSCO and an interview with Adrian Amos. This month we got the front cover!

The supply and fit of the chevron oak parquet to Jessica McCormack’s fabulous Mayfair jewellers at 7 Carlos Place, as featured on the magazine cover, was memorable – not just because of the testing parking arrangements as we attempted to unload a few tons of bundled oak in the front door across a bus lane! Not featured in the photographs is the splendid polished safety deposit box tower salvaged from The Ritz. The client had had the ground floor especially strengthened in order to support the sheer weight of it. How we got it in up the front steps and built in the corner I will never know!

Chevron parquet – as pictured, laid in the French style, is very sought after these days. Jessica bought the Carpathian oak chevron board at LASSCO Three Pigeons . It is machined from stocks of old reclaimed timbers. She specified that the parquet be supplied with the arris chamfered which, in a large space such as Carlos Place, gives the herringbone pattern more emphasis as each board catches the light. As you can see the effect is striking. Whilst chevron parquet wouldn’t be the obvious choice for an Adam inspired room – complete with neo-classical plaster ceiling and marble fireplaces – the laying of it in this long space, lit with large windows from either end, and with no border – the field pattern keeps running to the skirting – is a dramatic complement to the room. As Jessica says “Parquet adds another dimension to the room that no other flooring would achieve”.

Perfect Parquet
Perfect Parquet

The stock of parquet at LASSCO Three Pigeons has recently out-grown its warehouse; the whole lot has been re-stacked. For Wall to wall coverage – like ours in Reclaim Magazine – Choose from oak, pine, mahogany, sapele, iroko, panga panga, mahuhu or teak … much of it from quite superb provenances.