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8th August 2014

Stepney Way Beam Pine,

Stepney Way Beam Pine is  LASSCO shorthand for remilled Principal Joists salvaged from mid 19th Century London commercial buildings. Our first batch came from Stepney Way in the eponymous East End parish. These were large cross section timbers resawn in our sawmills to yield superb and characterful wide boards. 

The vast majority of pine used in London came from the Baltic – particularly from the the three great rivers of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The earliest extraction of timber trees in the Baltic countries would have been from the lowest lying lands, allowing for the felling of fast growing trees closest to waterways, enabling those logs to have been floated down to export harbours in rafts. Subsequently the logs would have been exported whole or sawn at the ports. Timber would then have been the exported to the London River in sailing ships particularly to the Surrey Commercial Docks, London’s specialist timber entrepôt.

 Surrey Commercial Docks: Softwood Timber Operations 1930Surrey Docks

Those virgin logs would have been fast growing and resinous – even today, two hundred years after felling, the timber can exude pine resin.

Stepney way beam pine
Stepney Way Beam Pine at LASSCO Ropewalk

Also in stock at LASSCO Ropewalk  painted batches of  Stepney Way Beam Pine 

Stepney Way Beam Pine is a finite resource and the ultimate in Re-Use.

Stepney Way Beam Pine Painted Batch

As seen at Bubbledogs in Fitzrovia and Herman ze German also in Central London (below).

Herman the German int