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16th January 2013

Helicopter Crash Update: LASSCO Brunswick House NOW OPEN!

***FINAL UPDATE >>>> 19TH Jan 9.00am Brunswick House finally re-opens this morning. The protracted delay was due to first the Police cordon and then our neighbours at St. George Wharf placing our shop within an exclusion zone due to the damaged crane at the rear of the building. There are still road closures in the area as a replacement crane is brought in (and another crane with which to build the crane) but LASSCO Brunswick House is open for business as usual and so is the Brunswick House Cafe.

It has been a tricky week. Thank you to all our customers for their support and understanding.


***FURTHER UPDATE >>>> 18TH Jan. 9.30am Brunswick House is still closed this morning as the Police cordon around the helicopter crash site and the damaged crane falls around the shop. Please watch this space for updates.

LASSCO Ropewalk in Bermondsey and LASSCO Three Pigeons are open as usual. Contact info.


***UPDATE>>>> 17th Jan. 5.45pm Unfortunately, there will not be an Evening Service at Brunswick House Cafe as Police can still not give access to Brunswick House. Jackson Boxer and his staff would like to apologise to anyone who has a booking or is disappointed. The situation is currently out of our hands as the assessment of the tower crane continues. Watch this space or the Brunswick House Cafe website for updates.



Further to the awful events yesterday (see below). Brunswick House remains closed due to safety concerns with the tower crane at the rear of the shop. Please direct your enquiries to LASSCO Ropewalk in Bermondsey or LASSCO Three Pigeons in Oxfordshire.

The Brunswick House Cafe hopes to resume with an evening service once the “all clear” is given. Please watch this space for more information.



Due to the helicopter crash in Vauxhall today our shop at Brunswick House is closed. The area has currently been evacuated in order to help emergency services.

Obviously the first thoughts go to any who have perished or been hurt in this accident. We can report that everyone at LASSCO is safe and unhurt and there has been no reported damage at Brunswick House – thank you for your concern to everyone who has been in touch.

Vauxhall Helicopter Crash site



It was a near miss however. Stefan Lorett, our projects manager and Harry Amos were on the front steps of Brunswick House that overlook the busy Vauxhall gyratory system when they heard the low-flying helicopter. It would seem that in low-cloud it hit the tallest crane of “The Tower”, also known as No.1 St George Wharf that stands directly behind the shop. Stefan reports that “bits were flying off, the tail came off as it came into view. There were no flames until it hit the ground – then a huge fireball went up”. The area now “resembles a disaster movie” reports Adrian Amos. BBC News link.

Our other shops at LASSCO Ropewalk in Bermondsey and LASSCO Three Pigeons in Oxfordshire are of course fully open as usual for any enquiries. Please watch this space for news of when we are open back at Brunswick House.