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3rd February 2012

Get the Look … Latest World of Interiors

Posted in: LASSCO News

There are some glorious interiors in the new issue of World of Interiors (March 2012). None moreso than Hosh Ibrahim’s Maida Vale pad brilliantly re-modelled by Wells Mackereth (award-winning – see below). There’s a secret “Scooby-doo” door, there’s a telly on a winch to enable Hosh to watch  from his mezzanine bath-tub and a chestnut-leather conversation-pit downstairs.

Hosh Ibrahim's Maida Vale Interior
Pic by Simon Upton for WOI

We haven’t checked to see what, if any, may have come from LASSCO but we can certainly help anyone wanting to “Get The Look”.

The flat-fronted firegrate in the picture above is a good example of a “Parsons Grate” designed by Thomas Jeckyll for the Barnard, Bishop and Barnards foundry of Norwich in the 1870’s. Jeckyll almost single-handedly invented the Anglo-Japanese style at that time and his is a fascinating, under-acknowledged and ultimately tragic life story*. We’ve have held continuous stock of these “stove-grates” for years. At LASSCO Three Pigeons we are currently down to three examples (two are undergoing restoration).

Parson's Grate
Parson's Grate by Jeckyll for Barnards

For more information on the above grate please click here.

We can help anyone wanting to emulate the chevron parquet oak floor pictured above. A particularly good parcel currently in stock is cut on the mitre (Ibrahim has the square-cut) which gives a wonderful and distinctive herringbone pattern.

French Oak Chevron Parquet
French Oak Chevron Parquet

Click here for details of the 79sqm parcel of chevron parquet mentioned.

The French bateau bath on Hosh’s mezzanine has also long been a LASSCO speciality with differing patterns and finishes available to order from either of our shops.

French copper Bateau Bath
French copper Bateau Bath

Click here to view our current stock of bath-tubs.

If you want something industrial to hoist your flat-screen telly up to your mezzanine try this balance:

Industrial Scales
Industrial Scales from London Docks

For more information on the Vendome & Titford weighing beams salvaged from the London Docks (we have three left) please click here.

So, that’s just one page of this month’s World of Interiors! Conde Naste can’t put us on the Inspirations page of every issue (although we do very well – all thanks to the guys at Vogue House) – but we do carry huge and diverse stocks at our shops and can always help a customer with a wild imagination!

Thomas Jeckyll Firegrate
Jeckyll Grate and Scooby Door

* The best reference work on Thomas Jeckyll is Weber-Soros and Arbuthnott, “Thomas Jeckyll, Architect & Designer 1827-1881”, Bard Graduate Centre for Studies in Decorative Arts, Design and Culture, New York, 2003