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9th December 2011

Happy Fatboy loves his new sock drawers!

Posted in: LASSCO News

Superstar DJ Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim clearly hadn’t measured his staircase before we arrived with his purchase – the wonderful Haberdasher’s cabinet salvaged from a motorbike workshop in Thame. Fortunately his decorators were very helpful as the four of us embarked on some of the most ambitious mid-stairs cartwheeling manouvres rarely attempted. And then again at the top of the stairs to get it through the bedroom door. And then again in order to get it stood up in the chosen spot.

Norman Cook with LASSCO cabinet
Norman Cook with LASSCO cabinet

As you can see though – it was all worth it. Fatboy Slim can pick his shirt from the most stylish of cabinets.

If ever he moves house it’s going to fox the removal company though … “how on earth did they get it in here!?” They could take inspiration from the lengths we went to to get the cabinet out of the building in Thame – see here.)

Fatboy Slim gig-guide here.