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20th October 2008

Former Premises of LASSCO

Taken by the eminent photographer, Paul Barkshire, in 1981, the evocative photograph below depicts a corner of the former Lion Works premises of George Amos and Son, the company from which LASSCO originates.

paul barkshire

The photo is part of a collection recently acquired from the National Monuments Record. It was taken using a 1920s Eastman camera, with 8 x 10 Black & White negatives.

Winner of the Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards in 1988, Paul Barkshire is renowned for the quality and sharpness of his Black & White photography.  In the forward to his book, Unexplored London, David Bailey described how he saw him “in the romantic light of a craftsman, who through this craft transcends the normal.”