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26th November 2007

Ros Rixon-Artweeks 2008

Posted in: LASSCO News

This will be the first time that the artist, Ros Rixon, will be exhibiting in Oxfordshire.  Ros is a book sculptor.  Try as she might she is unable to leave a flat surface alone, something takes over and the work begins to lift away from the pages.

She works at the moment with books, text and paper, challenging the power of the word.  Her work is driven by concept.  She often feels that creativity is challenged, eroded or destroyed by the power, the weight and overuse of ambiguous language.  Her response is to erase the text, letter-by-letter, word-by-word, until the word becomes the art.

 The sculputural books began life as a light-hearted response to the shelves and shelves of forgotten art books in secondhand bookshops, informing us 'how to be artists'.

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