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2nd May 2007

LASSCO Three Pigeons Launch Party, 18th May 2007, 3-10pm

Posted in: LASSCO News


An afternoon of fun-filled frolics, food and entertainment to celebrate the launch of LASSCO’s latest shop.

Those with an invite will have been directed to this News Page – the events, we anticipate will unfurl in the manner below, but it is subject to change and the weather, so bookmark this page and keep coming back. We will keep you up to date.

Directions to LASSCO Three Pigeons can be found here. There is plenty of car parking available.

If you have not received an invite and you would like to come please email

LASSCO Three Pigeons Launch Party

Pre-party: Noon until 3pm TVADA Dealers Swap Shop

LASSCO host this established event (as new TVADA members) where antiques dealers across the region rock up with a van load and have a swapsie … a lot of fun … fuelled with fish and chips.

3pm we hope to be ready with some light music drifting through the bunting. The van-load of pigeons will be starting their pre-race warm up, stretching etc.. The John Price Bar will open serving real ale, lager and wines from an old fair-ground tent with the option of trying what is perhaps the world’s most refreshing apple juice – grown and pressed in Waterperry, a neighbouring village.

Impromtu dancing around the Maypole will be encouraged at any point.

At 6pm precisely, the racing pigeons will embark on a high speed sprint Northwards to Northampton battling against a 20mph due West wind as forecast by Benson Airfield. We hope that they will, on release, artistically swoop en masse in a graceful arc around the Water Tower whilst getting their bearings before honouring The Three Pigeons with a fly-past (in formation) leaving the eager viewers below aghast with amazement. We are examining ways in which we might introduce a gambling element into this event to raise money for MIND. The official 'runners' on whom the bets could be placed are; Gary, Russell, Bill, Keith, Mel, Ossouma (Sam), Graham and Trevor. 

The barbeque will be lit in preparation for the fine selection of meats that will follow later.

The shop and gardens will be open for the revellers to examine the latest finds at LASSCO Three Pigeons. Don’t miss the panelled room papered with hand-painted Chinese landscapes, the enormous carved stone tablets and keystones by Sir Charles Wheeler sculptor and President of The Royal Academy during the 1950’s, freshly removed from the Head Quarters of Barclays Bank on Lombard Street. Perhaps most extraordinary in the spectacular stock is the carved cresting from Wren’s Temple Bar gate.

Back to the frolics: a large bucking bronco will stir into life, offering the more foolhardy the opportunity to make a fool of themselves.

Beefcakes will be huddled around the High Striker all afternoon hammering their way to ringing glory. Aunt Sally and Skittles will invite the less hunky to perform.

Being May in Oxfordshire, a “Beating the Boundaries” ceremony might take place if we can work out exactly what is required. Heritage Magazine, March 2007, defines it as follows: “… the custom always involved people walking around their church or civic boundaries, pausing at certain points (trees, walls and hedges) to exclaim, pray and ritually beat particular landmarks with sticks. The ceremony might also involve the blessing of crops or animals and the inspection of fences”. It continues saying that “the marking of boundaries was an essential element of [Beltane] and adolescent boys were switched (hit with willow wands), thrown over hedges, into brambles or ponds”.

Over in the Welly field, punters will be lining up for the prize winning welly-throwing contest: style as well as distance will be a factor.

The Fish and Chip van will be offering an alternative to the Barbeque where legs of pork and rib of beef will be available from around 7pm.

A range of delicous ice creams will be available to finish off the meal.

Towards the end of the evening at 10.00pm a fireworks extravaganza will burst over the The Three Pigeons announcing to the area that we have arrived!